MIchelle Simmons

 As a young woman my dream was to inspire other women to be successful in anything they do. My relation to many women who have and will come through YCBA/YCBAT is the lack of resources within the community and morals instilled from my peers to become a respectable women in society. YCBA/YCBAT will give women the tools needed  to reach where eyes could not see before.

With my dedication to community service and strong communication skills, I bring an intimate relationship with the public we serve.

While obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree of Science at Washburn University I took several classes dealing with issues that prevents one from maturing into a functional role model of society. My motto is to get to the root of an issue, create a plan of action, then revisit it every ninety days to see the outcome. And if the outcome is not one of expectation then back to the creative we will go. Nothing can be fixed immediately and like these women we will help them create action plans and review them periodically to see if it brings success or demise.

A verse from the Bible that is dear to my heart  is Philippians 4:13 ” I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.”