Tina Carter - You Can Begin Again/You Can Begin Too

Over the past 15 years as a foster mom, the Executive Director of You Can Begin Again, Inc. has witnessed the trauma and triumph that foster care children experience.  She has served as “mama” to infants, toddlers, and teens.

 Adrienne - You Can Begin Again/You Can Begin Too

Her organization grew out of her steadfast willingness and commitment to healing the deep scars of abandonment and isolation that foster children carry. In fact, as an ordained minister in a Protestant denomination, she maintains relationships with many emancipated youth.

You Can Begin Again/You Can Begin Again Too

According to Rev. Tina Carter, “The wounds are deep and wide, and I have learned that more than a band-aid is needed if holistic healing is to occur.” Over the years, foster children who have “aged out” of the system, boast of the trust, respect, and love Rev. Tina freely gives. Without hesitation, they send others in need to her. She refuses few.

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